RPA has reached in every corner of world and is helping organizations increase accuracy, productivity, efficiency and scalability of the processes.
Yet, RPA is having the biggest constraint as it is still not a closed loop system where the feedback is not re-processed. Bots comes to halt if any step or…

  • Thoroughly analyze selected process for RPA
    1. Process should be stable and must be a feasible candidate for an RPA
    2. Process should not change in minimum of 6 months after implementation which might cause the frequent maintenance and CRs
    Developing an automation for web based applications which gets updated/modified every 3 months…

Have you already implemented RPA in your organization but is not giving expected ROI? Or wanting to improve the performance, efficiency, accuracy and productivity of an implemented RPA solution?

Well, our RPA experts can help you to carefully assess the implemented process, correctly identify the improvement areas, precisely define the…

Sagar Sable

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